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  • ETC

    BBQ with a Sigdi

    All those who know me, know that my kind of fun is different – I’d rather be home on a Friday night and cook something nice for my family than be hopping all over…

    November 3, 2008
  • dinner

    Sindhi Curry and Aaloo tuk

    One of my favourite things to have for a meal is Sindhi curry with plain boiled rice accompanied by crispy aaloo tuk. The Sindhi Curry is by far the nicest curry I’ve had. Sour,…

    September 21, 2008

    Bombay Duck

    Ever heard of Bombay Duck? It isn’t a duck, but a fish; and it isn’t found in Bombay, but pretty much all along the Indian coastline. Then why is it called Bombay Duck? I’ve…

    September 2, 2008
  • dinner

    Lime and Mint Kebabs

    This is a very easy recipe. I bought some chicken and wanted to make something with whatever I had at home instead of following a recipe because more often than not, there is always…

    August 23, 2008

    What is Kokum?

    The then NY Times food critic, Ruth Reichl (Garlic and Sapphires) was on one of her visits to the New York restaurant, Lespinasse. One of the dishes she sampled was a Braised salmon and…

    February 16, 2008

    Golden Star Thali

    I have been longing to try out the thali served at Golden Star Thali; and I got the opportunity do so last weekend. A thali service is where the foods is served in a…

    January 22, 2008

    Kulfi : The Subcontinent’s Gelato

    ‘Nobody doesn’t like ice-cream’. At least that’s whats evident each time I see hordes of people envelope the ice-cream carts in and around the city. What intrigues me is how easy it is to…

    January 13, 2008