Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

September 2, 2009

Chocolate chip pound cake

It’s established. This chocolate chip pound cake is comfort food. You know why? Because I ate this cake for three meals straight. Only this. Just so you know I’m not exaggerating, I will tell you the sequence of events. I ate this for dinner the evening I made it. Then, for breakfast the next morning, slathered with Nutella and sliced bananas in a sandwich (a fulfilling breakfast, to say the least). And then more slices of the chocolate chip pound cake later for lunch.

Most people have their favourite recipe for pound cake. And how drastically different can it get, anyway? It’s POUND cake. So this cake is clearly not something people would gush about and say “OMG I have got to add this to my list!” But what makes this humble cake something quite wicked is how its limits are stretched to make a delicious sandwich. You could even toast the slices slightly before spreading the Nutella. Here is how:

Chocolate Chip pound cake sandwich for breakfast

Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

Yield: 1 large loaf
Adapted From: Baking From My Home To Yours

2 cups / 240g all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt (omit if you’re using salted butter)
2 sticks / 225g butter
1 cup / 200g granulated sugar
4 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
½ – 2/3 cup semisweet chocolate chips

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F/175°C. Butter a 9×5 inch loaf pan.
  2. Sift the flour, baking powder and salt together.
  3. In a stand mixer or with a hand held mixer, beat together the sugar and butter until light and fluffy.
  4. Add the eggs 1 at a time, beating for a couple of minutes in between additions.
  5. Add the vanilla extract.
  6. Either fold in the dry ingredients by hand with a spatula (always better, so you don’t end up over mixing) or reduce the speed and mix in the flour.
  7. Finally, stir in the chocolate chips.
  8. Bake the cake for 40-60 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.
  9. Once baked, let the cake rest for about 15 minutes before you remove it from the pan to transfer to a cooling rack.
  10. Slice it. Eat it.

Chocolate chip poundcake - crumb

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1 Theresa April 23, 2013 at 10:25 PM

Just took this lovely out of the oven. Yum! Thank you for the recipe =)


2 Theresa April 24, 2013 at 2:43 AM

Just ate the cake, no, not the whole thing! Hubby loved it, me too. Thanks again Purple Foodie.


3 Shaheen April 24, 2013 at 9:20 AM

YAY! Awesome. : )


4 Purnima May 1, 2013 at 7:18 AM

Wow..look at that..bookmarked…Tks for sharing! Loved the write up! (My 7 yr old wd love to do the same wt cakes! all meals…heee)


5 Pooja July 3, 2013 at 5:18 PM

Do you use regular maida as all-purpose flour, or do you supplement with cornstarch? I need help because my maida-made vanilla cakes taste slightly off! :(


6 garce December 7, 2014 at 5:27 PM



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