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    Strawberry Lassi

    If there is anything I can drink by the gallon, it’s got to be Strawberry Lassi. Lassi is a perfectly smooth yoghurt-based creamy drink that is really popular in India (Of course, blending it…

    February 18, 2010

    Strawberry Butter

    The best things to come out of my kitchen from last year’s strawberry madness were without a doubt the strawberry pop tarts and the supremely creamy frozen strawberry yoghurt that I made over and over again…

    February 17, 2010
  • breakfast

    Mulberry Yoghurt

    Of late, I’ve been eating fruit yoghurt every morning. This is one breakfast item I haven’t gotten bored of ever since I discovered the goodness that a berry + yoghurt mixture can yield. Fast…

    January 29, 2010