Life List

I keep thinking about all the things I want to do, and with a whole list to keep track of I figured I’d put them in one place and keep track of them, adding to it whenever inspiration strikes.
El Cellar de Can Roca
Eat at Ottolenghi in London. (August 2011)
Food + Travel
Make cheese in Auroville.
Learn to make bread in Germany.
Visit chilli fields in Andhra Pradesh, tea plantations in Darjeeling, spice gardens in Kerala, cinnamon plantation in Sri Lanka, mangoes in Devnagiri.
Organic farming in Italy.

Eat my way through the far east: South Korea, Japan, Malaysia (July 2011), Vietnam and Cambodia.
Foodie trip to Lyon.
Travel the coast of India and eat all the seafood along it. Inspired by Following Fish.
Paella in Spain.
Curate  family recipes. (WIP – every time I call my nani, I jot down one recipe)
Roast a big, fat turkey. (My First Thanksgiving – technically, I didn’t do everything – but I experienced it!)
Learn to make sausages, both fresh and cured. Make my own pancetta.
Cook a goat in the ground in Rajasthan.
Stage at du Pain et des Idées.
Stage at Pierre Hermé Vaugirard.

Stage at Au Passage and Frenchie. (He offered me a job!)
Win a scholarship to Momofuku Training Camp.
Go back to work at St. John’s if I ever move to London.
Live in France. (September 2011 – present)
Rear my own hens for eggs and goats for milk and cheese.
Build myself a wood fired oven as well as a tandoor oven.
Grind my own meat at home.
Live in Italy through all the seasons and ride a sky blue Vespa through the narrow streets.
 I did France instead. Paris, no less.
Study at Le Cordon Bleu. (won two scholarships: Paris – March 2011, London – June 2011)
Win the Intermediate Cuisine scholarship.
Win the Julia Child research scholarship.
Saffron in Spain.
Espelette in Espelette.
Olives in Italy.
Make Friday Lunches crazy awesome. Friday Lunches cookbook, too.
Be a crazy chef.

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